Don Windsor

Don has a wealth of experience within the Production Industry and has worked his way from a Production Assistant to the President of one of Manitoba's longest running production companies. Don is a veteran within the Production Industry in Manitoba with nearly 40 years of experience.

Terry Goring

Terry has over 20 years of experience in the Production Industry. His experience is backed with a solid foundation of education in technical aspects such as Advertising, Business and Audio Engineering. Terry's experience in directing, photography, videography and editing has allowed him to excel within the industry and provide Image Productions with a great deal of skills and abilities.

Dan Caldwell

Dan has been in the Film and Television Industry since he graduated with a degree in Broadcasting in 1992. With a vast amount of experience in video production and editing, he has excelled in his field and has won awards for his work. While Dan's background is in video production, he has also gained valuable experience in print design and advertising.

Rocky Bergen

Rocky has many years of experience in the Graphic Design field. He has most recently expanded his traditional design skills to include current new media technologies such as 3D, Web Development, and primarily focus on Motion Graphics.